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  • Simple ESG reporting tools that will save you hours
  • Stay ahead of peer and investor expectations with robust analytics
  • ESG data collection and workflow optimization
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Collect Data

Streamline Reporting

Peer Benchmarking

Manage & Improve

All your ESG data collected in a single dashboard

Report to multiple datasets and standards

Know how you compare to key competitors

AI Driven insights to improve performance

One platform, everything you need to manage ESG

Nossa Data will provide your organisation with investment grade ESG data management, analytics and reporting. Via processing unstructured data combined with workflow tools, we auto-populate reports, highlight financially material issues, and provide peer comparison across multiple ESG frameworks.

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Improve your corporate ESG practices

Capturing ESG data creates value across your organization from investor relations and procurement to risk and compliance. Accelerate your ESG ranking among investors and reduce your Environmental Risk Rating. Improving on ESG data will increase brand resonance and enhance enterprise value.

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Nossa Data is working with a small group of public and private companies to trial our software. As an early client you are helping us build the right product to meet your ESG and capital market needs.

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