Start managing your ESG investor reporting without the hassle

Nossa Data helps companies manage the ESG data collection and disclosure process. Whether it is to report to one of the top ESG frameworks, respond to ad-hoc investor questionnaires or understanding how you benchmark to your peers, our software makes the process easy.

We are working with a group of companies as part of an early access programme to finish developing our offering. Join early to benefit from significantly reduced pricing and to help us build the features that exactly fit your needs. Request our early access brochure.

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Core Features

Collect Data

Streamline Reporting

Peer Benchmarking

Manage & Improve

  • Secure ESG Data Collection
  • Data verification and quality assurance
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Report templates for all major ESG standards
  • Ad-hoc survey support
  • Disclose ESG numbers and narrative
  • Peer benchmarking and analytics
  • Investor ESG preference assessment
  • Advanced workflow automation
  • Controversy analytics
  • Smart-suggestions for improving ESG ratings
  • AI Driven insights on ESG performance

Nossa Data supports the following ESG frameworks, standards and rating agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Nossa's early access programme?

You can request to join our early access programme by contacting us at [email protected] or by scheduling a call to learn more. We are currently working with public and private companies in Europe and the United States who are required to submit ESG information via rating agencies, ad-hoc investor requests and and self-reporting to ESG frameworks.

What does it mean to be in the early access programme?

As a client in the early access programme you are helping us build the right product to meet your ESG data analytics needs. On top of using the product, you will have a direct line of access to Nossa's team to suggest ideas of which features will be the most helpful. Expect to learn a lot about ESG reporting and have your feedback directly integrated into the product week over week.

How much does it cost to be a part of Nossa's early access programme?

Clients participating in the early access programme will receive a significant pricing discount during the programme and will continue to receive the discount for a set period of time after the programme finishes. Reach out to discuss with our team at: [email protected]

How does Nossa Data help me?

Nossa Data will help you and your company with all things tied to ESG. Whether it is how to write your first TCFD report or how to do a better job responding to rating agencies, we are obsessed with helping companies improve their processes tied to ESG. To learn more, schedule a call to have an intro chat.

How long will the early access programme last?

The early access programme will run from September 2020 through to February 2021. Early access clients will be able to continue after February 2021 at a reduced price.

I don't want to be in the early access programme but have other ESG technology needs

We are always happy to discuss other ESG technology needs you may be seeking help with. Contact us at [email protected] and we will assess if there is a way we can work together or help direct you to the right place.

Still have questions? Email us at [email protected]